Environmental Protection

Jacques Andhrel's lab according to their lofty attitude towards the Environmental Protection and Trees and endangered plant species, Has defined responsibilities within the scope of its activities,On the basis of collaboration with customers and their consumers can best do their responsibility towards the environment.

commissioning of These strategic programs for long-term And short-term is in progress.

The first step in this regard is   Less use of chemical and synthetic products for approach to nature preserve .

Support projects with the help to All collections   Who are supporting the plant species are endangered; is the other policies of this company .

One of long-term program is gradual reduction of paper consumption in production and packaging and ads.
 This program has been named Green Land .
It helps us that we want to minimize share of the consumption of paper and ultimately trees were cut down .
We want to protect our consumers with this plan and shift them to use of alternative methods To At least damage to nature with the use Jacques Andhrel products.
properties such as cyberspace, sites, applications and ....of  Jacques Andhrel products Can be a valuable support of the idea .

Short-term and long-term plans is as follows:

  • protection of endangered plant species
  • minimal use of paper packaging and advertising
  • Do not use chemicals harmful to the environment
  • support the environmental NGO
  • planting trees ,herbs and Increase natural green space in the world