Effect of ageing on quality of jojoba oil from Indian locations

Savita Kaul

, H.B. Goyal, A.K. Bhatnagar, A.K. Gupta


Jojoba oil is a source of specialty chemicals and its uses for industrial application are gain-ing in adaptability and importance. For prolong use of jojoba oil, the details of its storage behaviour are required. This information is scarce for the products obtained from Indian  locations. In this study, the ageing effect on the quality of oils was studied for oils from
five locations of Rajasthan (India). The oils were extracted/expelled from the seeds that
contained 2.5–3.9wt.% moisture and 42–50wt.% oil.
Physico-chemical properties were determined by standard analytical test methods. Effect
of storage time on quality of solvent extracted oil samples with respect to acid value, iodine
value, saponification value and peroxide value were determined. The samples were stored
for 18 months in the laboratory under climatic condition prevailing in Dehradun (India) dur-
of jojoba oils compare well with the International Jojoba Expert Council (IJEC) specifications.
During storage, acid values, iodine values and peroxide values of the oil increase with time
while saponification values remain almost unchanged.